Have you ever eaten Tibetan? Then try Tashi Deleg

Before the proper review, a small note: if you are in Amsterdam you cannot miss the Utrechtsestraat, a super nice street full of small shops and  a series of very nice bars and restaurants which crosses the canal belt and offers beautiful views from its bridges and incredible discoveries on its block. They say it is almost impossible to try all the restaurants out (and some are not really worth it either…)… but the variety itself is so good that it is per se  an inspiration.

On my very first days here, I had been told by a colleague that Indonesian cuisine in Amsterdam is very popular given the strong influences behind the colonial times, and that on the Utrechtsestraat I would find one of the best Indonesian in town. It turns out there are many, just one after the other, on the same street, so we pick up one of them, which is actually Tibetan- Indonesian. the Tibetan specialties are meat-based and honestly more interesting than the standard rijs-tafel which is nothing special as compared to some of the other places.

Price and service are ok. Not a specific memorable place but a good back-up option especially if you are curious to eat Tibetan.


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