I AMsterdam? YUMsterdam!

Hello there,

does the world need a new blog, or a new blogger? Probably not, and we can start philosophical debates about who we really write for.

For what concerns this blog, its existence highly depends on the fact I moved to Amsterdam in May 2012, warned by friends and family I would love the city but hate the weather and the food. It turns out that we can indeed discuss about the weather, but for what concerns the food, and a series of other material delights, Amsterdam can make you quite happy.

As I discovered more and more places, I started scribbling notes on an old notebook of mine,  just to remember the good places and good moments, and it is time to give those notes to the eternity, which is, the Internet – haha.

Ah, and incidentally, I have no proper foodie background, no formal training, no education, maybe some credentials out of sheer origins, but again: who do we write for?


4 thoughts on “I AMsterdam? YUMsterdam!

  1. Looking forward to reading more posts!
    Quick question, I am considering Amsterdam as my next move – if I can find a job, perhaps this summer! Do you know of any good PR agencies worth contacting in Amsterdam? My background is PA to CEO and more recently PR Manager at a PR Agency. Random, I know! 😉
    Any help would be massively appreciated!!
    Cheers, Kel x


    1. hello, and thanks for reaching out (btw great blog you have, you are really a talented writer!). Amsterdam is a great place for creativity, I am afraid I am not really in the know regarding PR agencies but there is a powerful advertising association and a network of young creatives who might be able to point you in the right direction. and the city is GREAT! Good luck!


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