If you love Italian, follow Segugio

Segugio is probably my favourite Italian restaurant, and this as you can imagine is quite a statement,  to which I promptly add the disclaimer: if we exclude the many pizzerias and as well L’Ozio to which I will devote a separate chapter. The owner, chef and sommelier Adriano Paolini from Pescara, is a passionate host and he is featured in the Dutch version of the Silver Spoon (de Zilveren lepel), for his very own recipe of Cappello del Prete (good luck into explaining this to a Dutch person).

The menu is religiously seasonal and focuses on few favourites, which is something I truly appreciate in restaurants, as this is a good guarantee of freshness of ingredients. Bread is home-made, oil is imported from Abruzzo…everything oozes authenticity and depth of flavour. Alas though: the menu also does not change very often, so plan your visits accordingly, or choose your fare with acumen, to enjoy variety of choice. Of course if you do. (In case you wondered, I do)

Quite pricey but worth it, I promise.

Address: Utrechtsestraat 96, Amsterdam



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