Is your sin GLUTTONY, or maybe is just ENVY?

ENVY is part of a clever and beautifully designed set of concepts that includes the Supperclub, Vyne and some others I do not remember now  and that I will come back to.

The concept of ENVY is: intimate, dark, trendy, with super small portions of uber-refined dishes, and a wide choice of wine to accompany them with. Once you are familiar with this set-up, it is a pleasant experience, I love the sea-food based mini-dishes (langoustine and oysters) even if a dinner made of starters is just not for everyone (and I find myself included into this group). I kind of laugh thinking that this is probably perfect for the “design clientele” or as we would say in marketese, the prime prospect: people who do everything – including eating – to impress the others as their dish seems fuller, and that eventually find themselves with wanting more and more.

The position on the Prinsengracht in the Jordaan, just around the corner the cozy Negen Straatjes, is as trendy as the concept. If you have fashionable guests you want to impress, this is the place. But if you look for a more satisfying fare, head somewhere else.

Address: Prinsengracht 381 – Amsterdam


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