L’OZIO, il Padre dei vizi

when reviewing the Italian restaurant L’Ozio, I could not resist to start with a quote: “L’Ozio e’ il padre dei vizi”, a quite severe sentence  attributed to none else than that piece of wild fun that must have been Cato Senior (or at least this is what Wikipedia says): for the non-italian speakers, L’Ozio translates in English as “idling”, and “l’Ozio e’ il padre dei vizi” would broadly translate as in “The devil finds work for idle hands”. So i find it funny that L’Ozio, an innocuous and delicious Italian restaurant, is charged with such devilish activities.

As I meet the owner, Adriano, a familiar sound strikes my ears,  as it will strike my tastebuds later: Adriano is from Brescia, the same area of Northern Italy where I am from, and this influences some of his choices in his menu (the ravioli are actually casoncelli, the cheese is Bagoss, the risotto is as hearthy as it could be if you are freezing in some Alpine valley). L’Ozio is all  you need from a good trustworthy restaurant: good food, relaxing atmosphere, some specialties of the day (Ravioli del giorno will never be boring for me), and a very nice service. Adriano and his business partner had initially started with a more ambitious concept, combining art and food, and you still have nice art hanging on the walls, unexpected books on the shelves and a basement that could be turned into a cinema if the need comes. As I can observe, however, people end out focusing more on the good food in the well-lit atmosphere (natural light is also a plus during day-hours), and the  attentive warmth of the host . A classic – alas I am not objective!

Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 26



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