RED like a tomato, like a lobster, or like a rare steak?

In Italian we use the expression “to turn as red as a tomato”,  to emphasize whenever somebody is blushing (which incidentally causes the well predictable effect of having this somebody blushing even more…we are such artists of making people feel at ease…). In Amsterdam if you say RED,  some people would associate the colour with Lobster or Steak, rather than with the amicable vegetable. This is because RED is a great restaurant which made a name for itself by specialising in exactly only lobster and steak, which is, you got it,  the American fare known as Surf and Turf. But alas! This is S&T brought to perfection in this very well located place which basically does only this, combined with a great choice of wines, yummy desserts and (for compensation?) a great attention to coffee.

Hurrah for Pareto and hurrah for Red whose specialty is indeed special; the overall place, small but classy, and the service, Ducth but friendly, confirms that you can be small and beautiful, limited in choice but still delicious, and therefore very , very much loved. Watch out: better book in advance!

Address: Keizersgracht 594, Amsterdam


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