Not only a Nobel prize, TAGORE is also a very nice place where to eat

I kind of always smile about ”ethnic’ restaurants,  places that try to be explicit about their origins not only in their offer, but also in their name, and often indulge into bragging about some national pride using some powerful and iconic symbols (most often the most well-known monument or city), resulting most often out of place. How many Colosseo Italian restaurants  have you seen,  or how many la Vie parisienne Brasserie? Enough to know that they are typically far away from wherever they claim to be from. So I was somehow suspicious of Tagore which leverages the name of an illustrious poet and literate, …until I tried the place. Tagore is run by a family and it is simple, warm and unpretentious. It serves as a bakery in day-time (Made with love), while at night it offers a classical Indian fare with a touch of coziness and love which the original namesake poet would have blessed. This is what he looks like saying, staring with benevolence from an old portrait that you can see if you sit at any of the tables close to the bar. True.

address: Utrechtsestraat 128


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