Japanese is not only for Sushi Lovers : Teppanyaki experience at Sazanka

On January 24th we decide to complete our tour of the restaurants of the Okura hotel, after having visited the Ciel Bleu and as well Yamazato. We then dress up to fit into the coveted Sakanza, the first and so far only teppanyaki restaurant in Europe to be awarded  a Michelin star,  which is a nice, additional jewel in the multi-studded crown of the Okura. The menu is quite limited,  which I learnt to decode as a further sign of premiumness, so we go for the kobe beef wrapped in mizuna herbs,  which proves to be delicious, after starting with teppanyaki-ed oysters (very good, in case you wonder);  the seabass in crust of salt is also very good although not legendary. Service is very professional, the clientele is equally refined, demanding and international, which adds a further aura of cosmopolitanism to the worldly Okura.

Address: Ferdinand Bolsstraat 333 c/o Hotel Okura



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