Eating best Italian in town – really? – at Toscanini

I know this post will be not so popular,  with the small disclaimer that this implies actually having readers. But even more so, honesty in blogging is what matters, otherwise what the hell? So let’s get done with it: Toscanini. Toscanini is somehow an institution and considered by many, even the illustrious Little Black Book, one of the best Italian restaurants in Amsterdam. Indeed it is so popular that we need to book with great advance just to get a table on a Saturday night at 9 30 pm. What is behind such a strong fame? Well, I guess it is a ‘combinatie van factoren’, as the locals would say: the rustic set up (it is clearly a post-industrial environment, or as Ale says, an ex-garage), the Italian-looking and Italian-speaking staff (but alas, not Italian-being),  the many wine wooden cases that decorate the shelves and the menu with some classics and some peculiar choices (faraona, anybody?). We eat well, we have some spaghetti with vongole and a fish which we ask about afterwards and we are still looking for, since the Italian-speaking  and chest-exuberant (yet very, very Dutch-being) waitress does not really know. In a nutshell, we are happy, let’s be clear, but not super happy. Ok, let’s put it like that: we are happy that finally we can say we have been here and we can have an opinion based on personal experience, so that we can offer first-hand, (real) Italian judgment.

address Lindengracht 75


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