Anatolian delicacies at ALI OCAKBASI

Located in the building that once hosted the Stacey’s restaurant (which significantly is remembered more for its location than for its food…), there is a new kid on the block since some months, the Anatolian barbecue ALI OCAKBASI, the Amsterdam antenna of an Istanbul institution. the verdict? really delicious. The ambience has been appropriately refurbished to feature a more Turkish environment, and the restaurant extends on two storeys. We eat on the ground floor, we order some starters (the pastirmali humus is delicious) and we continue with beef and lamb from the grill. The meat is tender and well marinated and the sauces and dips are rich but not heavy.
The service is very friendly and compensates some inattentiveness with extra care (the waitress forgot to bring us the two glasses of wine we asked, when we reminded her she brought them and she did not have us pay for them). Great ambience and delicious food, in a fantastic location – well done!

Herengracht 558


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