Tutti Pazzi per la Pizza di Pazzi (trans: all crazy for Pizza @ Pazzi)

In the oh-so-upcoming West, Pazzi is first of all a witty play on words: Pazzi,beyond being the acronym for Pizza, means also crazy, and used in Italian to say crazy about something (a famous pizzeria in Rome is indeed called Pizza pazza al pezzo). But beyond the clever pun, search no more: the best pizza in town is definitely served here. This simple, no-reservation place serves a thin crust and some variants which are really really excellent, all watered down by some good Birra Moretti. My choice is the classic Bufala which does disappoint me,  as the sauce is tasty, the dough crunchy, the mozzarella flavourful, and Ale takes the the pizza van de week is also good. Definitely a place worth going back to, they also do take-way and accept no reservation. Because this is how you should always go and explore these places: with no reservation.


de Clerqstraat, 93



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