Things get Wild at de Wilde Zwijnen

This place has been in our list for quite some time, but for one reason or another we never managed to find place…and I keep on seeing around the fabric bags of this place, with the unmissable silhouette of a boar and the Gothic character. Then Ale surprises me (as always) and finds a spot here fro a Saturday night tete-a-tete. Oh wow. There is first of all one remark about the ‘hood: lively, with a a very different vibe than other places in Amsterdam, Javaplein is definitely a place worth exploring, full of bars and cafes and with a workers’ atmosphere that feels alternatively Irish or very ownably Dutch. The WZ itself is in an old building and is divided between Restaurant and Eetbar, with the common denominator of taking traditional Dutch food and produce from the season and giving it a modern twist…and the result is delicious. We eat at the restaurant, the ambience is also great, in a very rusty and grimy place which is like the cuisine itself. wine choice is small but good and service really friendly, better than average. Well done, Dutch boars, a great experience!

Javaplein 23



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