There are more burger joints in Amsterdam than one has the time to explore…and this new grill at the end of the Ceinturrbaan is worth a visit. The specialty is…the burger (Go for the mister, not for the lady) and it is delicious, there are nice entrees of pulled pork, fries are well cooked and there is a nice selection of craft beers. The service is really nice and friendly. Probably the best burger in Amsterdam!

Ceintuurbaan 256 – Amsterdam




Brut de Mer

Another oyster-bar-meets -restaurant in the beating heart of De Pijp, the food is really good (oysters are delicious, the lobster burger is also finger-licking good), the wine is good, the value-for-money is definitely not as good, and the service is simply atrocious (I will spare the details of the distracted, inattentive, sloppy waiter). Net in net, great we visited, but we will not be back.

Gerard Douplein 8 – Amsterdam




If you feel adventurous and you head up North, if you crave fresh fish in a great and spacious environment, if you want to have a nice view in summer, Stork is your place. Fresh fish and seafood are the main attraction of this simple and honest place, with a small wine menu and a huge fish choice, with cold and warm fruits de mer, oysters, catch of the day, mussels and anything which can swim and be eaten.

Gedempthamerkanal 201 – Amsterdam Noord


Let’s go Royal at The Duchess

Another restaurant within the W Hotel complex, The Duchess is hosted in an old bank building and keeps the interior of the caveau for a precious dinner. The promise is ‘eclectic classics with a fresh twist’ and to be fair, it is indeed eclectic classics, with a good hommage to tradition.I personally love the small donuts filled with foie gras as entree, the duck breast and  the Beef Wellington as main (yummy). The ambience is very well curated, with candle-lit tables, yet the overall feeling is not pretentious, and the service is friendly and good without being excessively formal or stiff.

Spuistraat 172 – Amsterdam


a restaurant? le Restaurant!

Already crowned with one (or maybe two?!?) Michelin stars, this is THE place. An intimate set up with white table cloth, a super refined menu with very attentive service. The menu is fixed so flag your idiosyncrasies in advance, but go full steam for it  and combine it with the wine pairing. Not for everyday but definitely very very special.

Frans Halsstraat 26 – Amsterdam


Ready to Rijsel?

The name of this place is Rijsel Rotisserie and is hidden somewhere in the area of the Amstel station. The name is how you’d call in Flemish the city of Lille in France, and it is indeed the case: a joyous combination of French cuisine with – I’d say – a strong Flemish inflection.  If you do not know it, you would not find it, as the entrance, in an old building which resembles a school, or a hospital, is inconspicuous. It is like a well-kept secret. Then you enter a large dining hall which has something parochial about it, a familiar feeling which is reinforced by the hearty fare – you have chicken, venison, beef tartare…you name it. the wine list is also super good. The atmosphere is convivial, mostly a Dutch clientele. Really worth it.

Marcusstraat  52b – Amsterdam


another Ron Gastrobar – this time Oriental

Another, delicious brainchild of our very favourite chef . The promise of Oriental cuisine with an international twist is well kept. We start with Dimsum and we continue with some delicious Thai-inspired beef. The set-up and ambiance could be better (it feels quite bleak), but the service is good, the clientele mostly Dutch and slightly noisy but overall it is ok.

Kerkstraat 23 – Amsterdam