Brunch, drinks or a simple snack at Little Collins

This (little) place, as per its namesake, is very well known for its brunch, I go there for lunch hoping that the difference won’t be so much, and indeed, you get nice broodjes dressed up to be more ‘brunchy’ and of course pricey, a nice list of classical brunch cocktails such as Bloody Mary, a very laid-back atmosphere, and here is the magic which transforms an otherwise anonymous place which makes sandwiches into a  place well known across town for its unmissable ‘brunch’! Food is ok, service is ok, ambience is very trendy without a real reason (I should probably open a whole new blog for the anatomy of cool as this simply fails me). The Turkish mushroom-feta-baba ganesh-pita that I take is good. My friend gets a croque-monsieur which is a sad, dry version of a tosti. Ok, I am not being fair, I should probably try it again for brunch really and not for lunch and I am sure my opinion will change. Oh-so-cool.

Eerste Sweelinckstraat 19F