There are more burger joints in Amsterdam than one has the time to explore…and this new grill at the end of the Ceinturrbaan is worth a visit. The specialty is…the burger (Go for the mister, not for the lady) and it is delicious, there are nice entrees of pulled pork, fries are well cooked and there is a nice selection of craft beers. The service is really nice and friendly. Probably the best burger in Amsterdam!

Ceintuurbaan 256 – Amsterdam




Burgers Chicken and Lobster at GEORGE

George is somehow an institution in Amsterdam for a refined yet easy brunch/breakfast/break-easy meal. We do miss the one in Rembrandtplein, which closed I believe one year ago or so, but we find another one in Valeriusplein where we have a delicious burger on the go, and we find out the menu here is selective (chicken, burgers and lobster) yet practical and good. Service is OKish, value for money good. Perfect for an efficient pit stop.

Addres: Valeriusplein 2H