If you feel adventurous and you head up North, if you crave fresh fish in a great and spacious environment, if you want to have a nice view in summer, Stork is your place. Fresh fish and seafood are the main attraction of this simple and honest place, with a small wine menu and a huge fish choice, with cold and warm fruits de mer, oysters, catch of the day, mussels and anything which can swim and be eaten.

Gedempthamerkanal 201 – Amsterdam Noord


Let’s go Royal at The Duchess

Another restaurant within the W Hotel complex, The Duchess is hosted in an old bank building and keeps the interior of the caveau for a precious dinner. The promise is ‘eclectic classics with a fresh twist’ and to be fair, it is indeed eclectic classics, with a good hommage to tradition.I personally love the small donuts filled with foie gras as entree, the duck breast and ┬áthe Beef Wellington as main (yummy). The ambience is very well curated, with candle-lit tables, yet the overall feeling is not pretentious, and the service is friendly and good without being excessively formal or stiff.

Spuistraat 172 – Amsterdam

Sophisticated yet relaxed at Conservatorium Brasserie

The Conservatorium owes its namesake to the original purpose of the building – a music institution turned into luxury hotel. The building is just spectacular and it hosts few restaurants (the Japanese Taiko is also located here( and a couple of nice shops including a Havana cigar distributor with humidor incorporated. The Brasserie is the more modest dining option as compared to the Michelin-starred Tunes, but is nevertheless a great place, with nice and organic choices, some local favourites such as the stampoot or the Dutch shrimps, and a very very good lobster. The service could be better and most importantly faster, but if one is not in a hurry the architecture, the high ceilings and the amiable ambiance are all to be enjoyed. Pricey but worth it.