If you feel adventurous and you head up North, if you crave fresh fish in a great and spacious environment, if you want to have a nice view in summer, Stork is your place. Fresh fish and seafood are the main attraction of this simple and honest place, with a small wine menu and a huge fish choice, with cold and warm fruits de mer, oysters, catch of the day, mussels and anything which can swim and be eaten.

Gedempthamerkanal 201 – Amsterdam Noord


Fish lovers go to Visaandeschelde!

Nice and sophisticated fish restaurant with great service, delicious oysters, great wine list, quite pricey but well, one can always choose! the location is unusual as this is situated on a quite bleak square facing Amsterdam RAI, however it gets quite lively during the week-end and for some mysterious reasons becomes even charming.  This is the same management that owns the Roast Room which is on the opposite totally dedicated to meat lovers.

Scheldeplein 4

If you crave fish LUCIUS is your place

the recommendation came as we moved to Amsterdam: a great place for people who like me LOVE fish. This fact is evident as you walk in, as along one of the walls you have giant aquarius (alas you need to specify you want to sit next to it when you book if you want to observe the little Nemos there). The offer of oysters is very good and rich, the menu is simple, with the dover sole being a blockbuster, the wine list is good, service is however quite bad so once again. you need to weigh your love for fish versus your personal pride, and be able to swallow a grumpy and impolite behaviour together with your Chablis and Claires de Fins. It is all a matter of priorities. Price on the high-side.

Address: Spuistraat 247

Bustling like a BAZAR

Situated in the heart of the Albertcuypstraat, where the biggest and most renowned market of Amsterdam takes place everyday, and hosted in an ex-church,  Bazar is a great Moroccan-inspired place. Try the fish and rice platters, or the tagine, you will have very fresh ingredients, where the quality is more important that the presentation. Service is ok and value for money is great. Additionally the place is very spacious and can host big parties. Beer on draft is also very good.

Address: Albertcuypstraat 182

the seafood lovers meet at the seafood bar

Just close to the hectic shooing-mania of the PC Hoofstraat, this restaurant is a must to visit in town, especially if you are (like me ) a true fish lover.  The focus is not on the great environment or the spacious setting (if you do not book you risk to eat on one of the two tables on the street); the focus, my friends, is on the quality of the fish – and rightly so! Crabs, lobsters, turbot, oysters, sea bass, prawns…it is all there, fresh and generous, in a very simple and white-painted atmosphere with an ok service (better than average) and good price. They are about to open a new location in Spui, we cannot wait!

Address: Van Baerlestraat 5, Amsterdam

Do not judge by the LOOKS but by the TASTE of it

…and then they say advertising does not work. We read the advert for the LOOKS restaurant in the easyjet magazine in one of the trips back home, and then we try it. The restaurant is close to the Red Light District and is specialised in lobsters. It is a pretty good place for having a decent meal with fresh oysters and lobsters and ok wine. The waiter who served us last time was half Italian half Dutch. which gave an extra touch of warmth to the experience. Service is ok, atmosphere is pleasant, it looks (pun not intended) like a place which would like to be of higher ranks and is still quite not there, but again the food is good and this is what matters, isn’t it? watch out as it is closed on Sunday.

Address: Binnenbantammerstraat 5 Amsterdam