Sushi lovers Episode 7: MICHIU

Called restaurant/lounge, this place in Zuid has great variety and adds a touch of creativity to Japanese classics. The combination of ingredients and as well the colourful presentation is worth it, we enjoy our inside-out rolls with a touch of fusion. The service is ok, and value for money as well.

Address: Maasstraat 102


Sushi Lovers Episode 6: AN

We have been reading about this place but we always found it closed, we finally manage to come on an open day. it is really simple and unpretentious, we are amongst the very few clients and we clearly feel the food is just made just for us in that precise moment. Which makes the sushi really fresh and tasty. the hand rolls are delicious and we try a light tempura of aubergine which is also super good. Authentic with a polite service and great value for money. we will be back – if we find it open!

Address: Weteringschans 76

Sushi lovers Episode 5 – spoil yourself at TAIKO

This über-cool Japanese is part of  the Conservatorium hotel (see also here) where I celebrate in perfect syncretism the festivity of Santa Lucia on December 13th. We open clinging glasses with very well chilled Reedier champagne and opt for some classic sashimi. The piece du resistance is however black cod marinated in some sort of rice sweet wine (I guess a Japanese version of Marsala) which melts in the mouth and I believe can rightfully qualify as the transformation of heaven into fish. Very good service, quite expensive but worth it. Reservation is essential and dining early is also advisable.


Sushi lovers Episode 4 – prepare your stomach (and your wallet) for YAMAZATO

Located within the OKURA restaurant, this is only Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant in the whole Netherlands, and you then understand why. Incredibly fresh ingredients, and a good combination of tradition and fusion.  Go for the Traditional menu or try the wonderfully simmered beef – it is worth it. Classical sushi combinations are also delicious but – how can I say ? – a little bit a waste in this temple of authentic Japanese food. Quite expensive.

address: Ferdinand Bolsstraat 333- Amsterdam