Sophisticated yet relaxed at Conservatorium Brasserie

The Conservatorium owes its namesake to the original purpose of the building – a music institution turned into luxury hotel. The building is just spectacular and it hosts few restaurants (the Japanese Taiko is also located here( and a couple of nice shops including a Havana cigar distributor with humidor incorporated. The Brasserie is the more modest dining option as compared to the Michelin-starred Tunes, but is nevertheless a great place, with nice and organic choices, some local favourites such as the stampoot or the Dutch shrimps, and a very very good lobster. The service could be better and most importantly faster, but if one is not in a hurry the architecture, the high ceilings and the amiable ambiance are all to be enjoyed. Pricey but worth it.


Do not judge by the LOOKS but by the TASTE of it

…and then they say advertising does not work. We read the advert for the LOOKS restaurant in the easyjet magazine in one of the trips back home, and then we try it. The restaurant is close to the Red Light District and is specialised in lobsters. It is a pretty good place for having a decent meal with fresh oysters and lobsters and ok wine. The waiter who served us last time was half Italian half Dutch. which gave an extra touch of warmth to the experience. Service is ok, atmosphere is pleasant, it looks (pun not intended) like a place which would like to be of higher ranks and is still quite not there, but again the food is good and this is what matters, isn’t it? watch out as it is closed on Sunday.

Address: Binnenbantammerstraat 5 Amsterdam