There are more burger joints in Amsterdam than one has the time to explore…and this new grill at the end of the Ceinturrbaan is worth a visit. The specialty is…the burger (Go for the mister, not for the lady) and it is delicious, there are nice entrees of pulled pork, fries are well cooked and there is a nice selection of craft beers. The service is really nice and friendly. Probably the best burger in Amsterdam!

Ceintuurbaan 256 – Amsterdam




Good meat but bad service at Mr Porter

Not to be confused with the  eponymous online fashion retailer, this restaurant belongs to the new concept of the W hotel in Amsterdam, an architectural prodigy with a stunning terrace and a unique view on Amsterdam. The specialty of the place is meat, as the name suggests. You enter the restaurant while cuts of meat are watching you from a refrigerated cell which has glass doors. We wait for our table a lot, and then when offered the menu, we choose Mrs Porter (the female, lighter version) and Rib-Eye. The meat is  good but over-priced vs what is on offer and the service is awful. We dine and then we head towards the lounge-bar, very pretentious to be Amsterdam.

Spuistraat 175 – Amsterdam


Carnivores, Let’s MEAT at the Roast Room

On the otherwise not extremely charming and very business-oriented Europaplein, find this great meat restaurant: situated in a luminous post-industrial set-up, expect to find delicious steak here.  Whatever the cut you choose, the choice is very good, the garniture is kept simple and the cooking level perfect. There is also a decent set of cocktails.

Europaplein 2 – Amsterdam



Anatolian delicacies at ALI OCAKBASI

Located in the building that once hosted the Stacey’s restaurant (which significantly is remembered more for its location than for its food…), there is a new kid on the block since some months, the Anatolian barbecue ALI OCAKBASI, the Amsterdam antenna of an Istanbul institution. the verdict? really delicious. The ambience has been appropriately refurbished to feature a more Turkish environment, and the restaurant extends on two storeys. We eat on the ground floor, we order some starters (the pastirmali humus is delicious) and we continue with beef and lamb from the grill. The meat is tender and well marinated and the sauces and dips are rich but not heavy.
The service is very friendly and compensates some inattentiveness with extra care (the waitress forgot to bring us the two glasses of wine we asked, when we reminded her she brought them and she did not have us pay for them). Great ambience and delicious food, in a fantastic location – well done!

Herengracht 558

for meat-lovers only: go to CASTELL!

this  self-proclaimed BAR-becue (got the pun?) is a quite nice and hidden place which simply has great steaks; the set-up is quite unusual, as you are not supposed to sit at a proper table, but around a fireplace and hold a tray with your steak and potato on it, so I would avoid it in case of formal business dinners; however if your love for good meat can go beyond that, this is your place! The environment is very cozy and the service is good. Wine list is Spanish-inspired- rightly so – and price is ok. And it claims to be open until very late.

Address: Lijnbaansgracht 252 – Amsterdam