If you feel adventurous and you head up North, if you crave fresh fish in a great and spacious environment, if you want to have a nice view in summer, Stork is your place. Fresh fish and seafood are the main attraction of this simple and honest place, with a small wine menu and a huge fish choice, with cold and warm fruits de mer, oysters, catch of the day, mussels and anything which can swim and be eaten.

Gedempthamerkanal 201 – Amsterdam Noord


PO(i)NT (13) in the right direction

Located in the docks area just facing the Amsterdam Noord area (the area is called Houthavens, literally wooden docks), this restaurant is nice located, simple, somehow hipster, with a simple menu and good wine and beer. The location makes it magic on a summer night, it is a pied dans l’eau experience that brings you back to what Amsterdam harbour should have looked a pocketful of centuries ago. It is not easy to find as the area is really new and still under construction, but it is where you might imagine fond memories could be born. How many places can you tell this about?

Address: Haparandadam, 50 – Amsterdam